Quick and easy
on ipad through
user interface.

The creation of a unique user database
for mailing and other
marketing purposes.

The database can be modified as necessary.

Shooting takes place in the bullet time ring.
The various shapes and constructions are always modified according to the particular movement/space.

The shot is taken by as many as 60 DSLR cameras and any number of film cameras. Thanks to this, it is easy to combine photos and video.

The shooting process itself is an original experience provokingcreativity and interaction.

The resulting trajectory of movement is defined ex post with our software.

Right after shooting, you can see the preview of the captured moment, the photo can be taken again if necessary.

We have our own unique software for immediate recording, postproduction and export.

The postproduction is quick; within two minutes, your unique video is waiting in your inbox.

We are able to add any graphics, sound and other elements to the final video immediately.

One of the unique characteristics of the software is the integrated greenscreen keying and setting into 3d model environment.

The generated personified mailing lets you share the link to the video on any social platform as well as letting you download a smaller mobile version.

The result contains any links you wish making it easy to share it on a variety of social networks.

David Císař
+420 602 260 261